Air Force Plant Number 6: The Bell Bomber factory in 1944.

Credit to Joe Davis for finding this link to a promotional movie about The Bell Bomber factory. It was made in 1944 by Bell Aircraft and show's the early days of what's now Lockheed Martin in Marietta. USAF not only created an aircraft factory, they also created a sub-culture affecting housing, education, shopping, recreation and socialization. Do you remember when Hwy 41 was a two lane road? Can you imagine seeing Hwy 41 & AF Plant 6 surrounded by fields, pastures & farmland? Ever seen a dual assembly line for an aircraft the size of a B-29? Take a look at the link below.

Recap of April Meeting on the Gulfstream G650

Our guest speaker was Kurt Erbacher, vice president of the G650 Program at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. He gave an informative and entertaining overview of the Gulfstream operation, product line, and in particular the flagship G650.
The main Gulfstream plant in Savannah now employs more people than Lockheed in Marietta. A full order book suggests that this will continue to be the case. The G650 production facility was purpose-built for this aircraft, assembling parts from many domestic and overseas suppliers. Much of the assembly work is automated.

Website Changes

Over the course of the past six months and based off of much feedback, we have totally redesigned our website to include some additional requested features and a better visitor experience. This upgrade includes moving to a content management platform that allows user integration and multiple layers of content authoring along with many other great features.


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