2015 Paris Air Show

Bob Greene attended the Paris Air Show, June 15-21 unofficially representing the AIAA Atlanta Section.
I met with representatives from Lockheed, Gulfstream, Boeing, General Atomics, Israel Aerospace Industries,
Airbus and several composites manufacturers.
During the show I was able to see inside an A350, watch flight demonstrations of A350, A380, 787 and A400M aircraft.
Also found time to visit the Paris catacombs and the first French ballistic missile submarine.

Meet our new Section leadership

Ballot results are in for the 2015 - 2016 election:

Section Chair: Edward Hutchings with Lockheed.
Ed was the past Vice Chair.

Vice Chair: Daniel Cooksey with Georgia Tech.

Secretary: Elizabeth Balga from Georgia Tech. Elizabeth was our past secretary and past GA Tech Chapter Chair.

Treasurer: Neil Hall with Lockheed.
Neil was our past treasurer.

The 2014-2016 Council at large:
Steve Justice & Corey Spiegel

The 2015-2017 Council at large:
Brian Dater & Aaron Harcrow.

POST OFFICE issues $2 "inverted Jenny" stamp

On May 14, 1918 to commemorate the start of the first regularly scheduled airmail service, the post Office issued a stamp featuring the Curtis JN-4H biplane known as the Jenny.
One sheet of 100 stamps incorrectly printed with the biplane inverted was inadvertently released.
These stamps became one of the most valuable collectables in U.S. history.
The Post Office reissued the $2 stamps this month.


On Thursday, May 28th 2015, Pat Epps, founder of EPPS Aviation celebrated fifty years in business with a hangar party at the Dekalb-Peachtree airport facility. Invited guests including AIAA Atlanta Section members Steve Justice and Bob Greene were treated to food, drink, lots of airplanes and an air show complete with a B-17 flyover and a four-plane aerobatic performance.

Thomas Mensah inducted into National Academy of Inventors

AIAA Atlanta Section member and former Chair, Dr. Thomas Mensah was inducted as a Fellow into the National Academy of Inventors
by the Deputy U.S. Commissioner for Patent Operations at the NAI Annual Conference, March 20, 2015.
Tom is a recognized authority on fiber optics and nanotechnology and holds over 25 patents.
He is President and CEO of Georgia Aerospace Systems, an Advanced Aerospace Composite manufacturing company here in Atlanta.

You're Never Going To Space

Hollywood and bold new companies have made civilian space travel trendy.
But don’t be too quick to book your flight.
By Alyson Sheppard



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