Thomas Mensah inducted into National Academy of Inventors

AIAA Atlanta Section member and former Chair, Dr. Thomas Mensah was inducted as a Fellow into the National Academy of Inventors
by the Deputy U.S. Commissioner for Patent Operations at the NAI Annual Conference, March 20, 2015.
Tom is a recognized authority on fiber optics and nanotechnology and holds over 25 patents.
He is President and CEO of Georgia Aerospace Systems, an Advanced Aerospace Composite manufacturing company here in Atlanta.

You're Never Going To Space

Hollywood and bold new companies have made civilian space travel trendy.
But don’t be too quick to book your flight.
By Alyson Sheppard

Lockheed Martin Engineer Speaks on Seaplane Research

Neil Hall Speaks on Seaplane Research at Embry-Riddle

Neil Hall Speaks on Seaplane Research at Embry-Riddle
Mary van Buren Thu Apr 2, 2015

Atlanta Section Candidate slate for 2015 - 2016

Section Chair: Edward Hutchings.
Ed is with Lockheed and is our current vice chair.

Vice Chair: Daniel Cooksey.
Daniel is with Georgia Tech.

Secretary: Elizabeth Balga.
Elizabeth is our current secretary and Chair of the Georgia Tech AIAA Student Chapter.

Treasurer: Neil Hall
Neil is with Lockheed and is our current treasurer.

New to the 2015-2017 Council at large:
Brian Dater & Aaron Harcrow.

The 2014-2016 Council at large:
Steve Justice & Corey Spiegel

April Dinner with Daniel Adamo

Why Mars, Daniel Adamo, Brian Dater

Dan Adamo is an astrodynamics consultant concentrating on space mission trajectory design and operations. Mr. Adamo worked for the United Space Alliance as a primary

5th Annual Aerospace Legislative Breakfast

The 5th Annual Aerospace Legislative Breakfast was held on Tuesday, March 3rd, at the Georgia Capitol. As the main sponsor of the event, AIAA provided food, beverages and information to the legislators and guests. This year’s theme is “New Frontiers for Georgia’s Aerospace Industry.” Aircraft, aircraft parts, and aircraft engines remained the #1 export in 2014 at $8.26 billion. Aerospace products comprised 21% of all exports from Georgia in 2014. Georgia is the 4th largest aerospace exporting state in the U.S.



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